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Chaoyang Theatre

“Different and entreating show”!

If you're going to Beijing you definitely have to see this show! Is really amazing, we was astonish with all the participants and every peace of it! Before enter to the theater you fill find a shop to buy some popcorn and ...

"Very entertaining"!

A great show with a good variety of acts. Would definitely recommend seeing the show. We reserved tickets with "The China Guide" so just had to show my name on my phone at the ticket office to collect the tickets.

"Talented Performers!"!

This show was included as part of a multi-day tour we took in Beijing. We attend a 15:45 show and the theater was almost empty. And the audience itself was quite disrespectful by US standards. The family seated in front of us carried on a conversation for the entire show, there were numerous people crinkling food wrappers, and there was...

"Great show for great price"!

We didn't manage to see the show in Shanghai, which was our original plan, so we decided to look in the capital. We used the services of "travelbeijingguide", sent them an e-mail in the evening before and got the answer almost right away! Next day we went to the ticket office half an hour before the show, got our tickets......

Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics Show